Member Reviews

"Thank you for all you do and the inspiration you provide with the wonderful produce you assemble for us."

"We love your service.  Everything is fresh and delicious, and we love that there is no wasteful packaging!"

T. D.

"Thank you for providing such a great service, to deliver organic fresh produce to us. 


I really appreciate it.


Sincerely,  A."

"In such a short time we have enjoyed our food you provided so much! We ate the beet greens (steamed) last night.

Sooo delicious. Last night we also had salad with lots of the ingredients you provided and ate the grapefruit. Today we ate the halibut, and my daughter declared it the best fish she ever ate!

And I made a gorgeous salad with the celery, carrots and the new vegetable I had never even heard of...the puntarelle! We cut everything up tiny. We saved the outer leaves for dinner tomorrow night. So both the beets and the puntarelle inspired 2 meals each (leaves for one meal and the root for another other). The bread is delicious and the eggs we haven't tasted yet.


The soap smells so good too. What a wonderful gift you delivered to us on Wednesday. And we're looking forward to next Wednesday and trying a new fish. 


The Holzman Family"

"Thank you for providing all of us such a wonderful product...that helps make our lives better!

"I surprised my wife last night after she worked a very long day with the awesome caramelized leek and fennel salad that was provided with this week's delivery notification. These recipes are a huge help to spur creative cooking!


M. H.

"(...) we eat what’s available when it’s available; instead of having everything moved from hundreds of miles away for the illusion of variety. :)


Thanks again for your great veggies, fruits and service! "