Thrifting in Santa Barbara is fantastic!

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

No need to remind you that thrifting is one of the best way to extend the life of clothes, furniture, kitchen ware and so many more items you use in your daily life. Santa Barbara is an amazing place to thrift everyday! It is fun and rewarding! You find treasures of all kind, sometimes unique pieces and you can also get creative by repurposing your finds! Some sewing skills or just some paint and a brush can transform your new acquisition into an unique customized pant or one of a kind coffee table! Most of the thrift stores are also committed to donate all their benefits to different local charity projects.

Want to get rid of your ant's clean but tacky couch or you don't know what to do with your old dinning table that takes so much space in the garage? Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure! When you donate to a thrift store, the benefits of the sale usually go to meaningful projects.

For you, we crafted a list of thrift places and links to shop easily and sustainably around Santa Barbara. Don't hesitate to share with your friends if you like it! :)

Thrift stores:

Consignment stores:

Other great resources to thrift in Santa Barbara:

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