Strawberry Tree fruits

Description and taste: The red berry fruit is similar to large cherries, except for the rough textured exterior skin. Once opened, the skin reveals a soft and grainy intense yellow pulp with a intense sweet and refreshing flavor. I personally see them as incredible natural candies! Don't worry about a small brownish spot on the just means the fruit will be even sweeter and flavorful. The sweetest ones are when they turn from yellow to red.

Benefits: Strawberry tree fruit is also rich in therapeutic properties because it's a great source of vitamins, tannins and pectin being full of anthocyanins and antioxidant polyphenols. There are also vitamins, including vitamin C: 100 g of fruits contain about 180 mg, so about 3 times the amount that can be found in an orange.

Strawberry tree fruit are also a natural remedy for combating respiratory, and above all intestinal inflammation. Strawberry tree infusions are rich in antioxidants and tannins and can be used as a urinary antiseptic, while the decoction of strawberry tree leaves and roots can help to combat rheumatic pains.

How to eat: The fruits of the strawberry tree can be eaten fresh or preserved in jams, liqueurs and syrups. The jam is excellent for filling whole wheat tarts prepared and the whole fruit adds a little extra oomph to cakes, biscuits and sweet buns. With the arbutus you can also prepare a particular vinegar, to be used to dress salads and crudités.


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