Shop greener in the County

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

The Green Business Program of Santa Barbara County (GBPSBC) is a countywide public/private partnership comprised of local governments, special districts, non-profits, utility companies, waste haulers, and chambers of commerce.

What does the Green Business Program do?

The Green Business Program provides resources and assistance to businesses wanting to be green, certifies businesses through workshops and trainings, on-site visits and evaluations, and highlights certified businesses so that local consumers can shop green.

Do you want to choose for more green businesses in the county?

Here is the link to the list of the local green certified businesses.

! Please note that it doesn't necessary mean that the products sold by those companies are more sustainable than others! But it shows at least that those specific businesses care about making their offices and facilities more environmental-friendly!

Do you have a business and would you want to be Greenbiz certified?
Get all you want to know about the certification process here.

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