Salad of Cucumber, Red beets and Feta with Fresh Mint

Summer is almost officially upon us...but isn't it Summer almost all year long in Santa Barbara anyway?! :)

Here is a super refreshing salad recipe packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and helping digestion process!

Ingredients (for 3 to 4 persons)

- 2 red beets - boiled and peeled

- 1 cucumber - rinsed and cut into small cubes (keep the skin, it's organic!)

- 1 pack of feta cheese (or about 14 oz) - shredded

- about 6 stem of fresh mint leaves - take the leaves only and cut them in small pieces

- 2 table spoons of your favorite olive oil

- pepper to taste



- Cut the boiled beets and cucumber separately in small cubes

- shred the feta

- in a large bowl, combine all the ingredients and serve immediately.



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