How to Use the Lime Caviar (from the Finger Lime)

We were SO happy to find this amazing locally grown little citrus and to add it to our weekly assortment!!

Those tiny fruits are powerful to enhance any dish in where you use to add fresh lemon or lime juice...just swap it for some of your lime caviar! Your ceviche, risotto, baked fish, smoked salmon, salad, oysters, sushis,...will all become even more exquisite! Just add the caviar as a topping. The caviar burst in your mouth, giving a sparkling - high-end touch to any dish!

Are you a fan of cocktails? The caviar lime is not only a great replacement for a regular lime: your cocktails will stand out for sure! They are most popular in margaritas, gin and tonic and mojitos.

How to open a finger lime: cut the fruit in half and delicately take out the caviar with the tip of your knife.

Finger lime peel can be dried and used as a very interesting flavoring spice.

Picture: Organic Essentials.

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