How to stay sustainable during Covid-19 pandemic

With the pandemic surge came, all over the country, new safety rules, in all business sectors. New disinfection and protection protocols that are in place since March this year, created what we could name 'the pandemic business sector', with a full range of products aiming to protect us and others from the virus. The sad effect of this increasing business is the explosion of the disposable plastic industry. Think about hand sanitizers containers, disposable gloves, masks and face shields, as well as all the disposable containers and cutlery used by restaurants offering curbside service, grocery stores being forced to refuse the use of reusable bag...etc. Hills of disposable plastics, all over the world. But luckily, you can still choose to refuse some of that plastic! Here are 5 easy ways to stay more sustainable during the pandemic:

- Use washable masks.

- At the grocery store: avoid the paper bags or boxes and put all your items in a shopping cart and then in your own reusable bags in your car. It may even be more convenient to keep your items cool, if you have insulated reusable bags.

- Are you supporting local restaurants by using their curbside services? Great! When you order, specify that you don't need the napkins or disposable cutlery. Instead, think about having your own reusable ones in your car (you can even find portable cutlery in the store here). Some of the restaurant's plastic containers are great to be reused in many ways at home (for the storage of food, small crafts accessories, paint... etc).

- Hand sanitizer: think about purchasing a 1 gallon bottle, so that you can refill your smaller containers. I'm sure by now, you must have had quite a few empty ones that could have been (or still can be) reused!

- Try to avoid the use of plastic gloves and instead, wash and sanitize your hands as often as needed.

Those are just a few tips. Please, don't hesitate to share with us your own tips to be more plastic free (!!

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