How to make your own organic vegan soy yogurt (and skip all the yogurt packaging from stores )

Why make your own yogurt?

  • It has more beneficial bacteria! Many brands are pasteurized, killing most of the probiotics.

  • You can control how long you ferment it to grow more beneficial bacteria and control the taste.

  • You can store it in glass containers to avoid the BPA leaching into your yogurt.

  • You can pick the probiotics that you like best to use as a starter.

  • Soy yogurt is free of refined sugar and you can control the type and amount of sugar in your yogurt.

  • It’s fun!

Nothing more simple if you plan on making yogurt regularly!

It just first requires the right equipment:

- an instant pot, slow cooker or just a regular yogurt maker (this last one makes usually smaller quantities).

- soy milk: make sure to only use the one that only contains water and soybeans (added sugar, vanilla,...etc will ruin your yogurt.


  1. Pour a 32 oz container of organic soy milk into an Instant Pot, yogurt maker or slow cooker.

  2. For your first yogurt, add the content of 5 gel cap of acidophilus probiotic with about 2.4 billion CFUs per serving or more. For your next yogurt making, just save 1/2 cup of your previous yogurt and use it as a starter for your next ones! Your yogurt will only taste better with your starter.

  3. Whisk well to blend the probiotics with the milk.

  4. Press “yogurt” on the Instant Pot, start the yogurt maker or place your slow cooker on 110F°.

  5. Come back 10 to 14 hours later to discover your own beautiful, thick, creamy, vegan soy yogurt!

  6. Cool off the yogurt before transferring it to another container.

  7. Drain off with a flat spoon any liquid that may have formed at the top of the yogurt.

Important to know:

- Your very first yogurt will taste fine but not great. That's normal. The taste will become each time better, when using your starter for your next batch of yogurt.

- Make sure to store your starter in a clean and sealed container. It's best to use the starter within 10 days after your last batch.

- If you make a smaller batch from milk that you already have open, you will need to heat it up to180 F° for at least a minute to sterilize it. Then cool the milk off before use.

- Make the yogurt at least 3 times from your starter to get the very best taste.

- You can pick the probiotics that you like best to use as a starter.

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