How To Make A Ginger Bug (and your own ginger beer)

A ginger bug is a culture made with ginger, sugar, and water used in making fermented beverages such as homemade sodas, ginger beer, carbonated fruit juices and teas – a.k.a. ginger bug soda.

Similar in nature and care to a sourdough starter, it is fed for a few days to begin the culture. Once bubbles are noticed on the top and/or sides of the culture, it is ready to use.

The benefits of ginger are multiple! Ginger is:

- A Immune System Booster

- Great For Respiration

- Lowers Stress Levels

- Wards Off Infections

- Helps Detoxification

- A Natural Pain Relief

- Has Antioxidant Properties

- Gut-Healthy

- Fights Off Nausea

- Ameliorates Blood Circulation

...and what is homemade, is so much rewarding and of course, more sustainable!

Ready to make your homemade ginger sodas?! Here is the link to the instructions from !

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