COVID-19 and keeping up with sustainable practices

About the question 'Are Pandemics good for the environment', there is so much to learn from international experts, studying the past to develop a deeper understanding of our current situation. If you are looking for a resource giving you a wide perspective of the subject placed in our historical context, here is the link to the well documented article from, that is trying to answer the above question.

In your daily life, you are maybe wiling to support local businesses by ordering and picking up food from your favorite restaurants...we do to. But do we really need all those single-use plastics, shown as the safest option during the pandemic??? Following this article from Vox, this is highly seems to be clear that the plastic industry has treated the COVID-19 emergency as an opportunity.

At Organic Essentials, we use reusable portable cutlery sets for adults and kids...we still need to deal with the use/reuse/recycling of the paper clam shells or plastic containers for the food, but we can at least avoid the plastic cutlery! Those portable sets are also for sale on Organic Essentials:

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