Choosing a sunscreen that's good for both you and the planet.

Updated: Jun 7

We are privileged in Santa Barbara to have sun all year round. But along with sun exposure comes the need to protect and care for our skin. Sunscreen use is a daily part of our routine here in Southern California but sunscreens are not equal in quality of ingredients. Many of the sunscreens that you can find on grocery shelves are actually very harmful to both you and the environment. Here is one of the best articles we found on the subject to help you make the wisest sunscreen choice. Source:

Looking for a list of sunscreens meeting EWG standards? Go to:

Do you prefer to avoid the sunscreen's plastic containers? Here is a the link for a recipe to make your own sunscreen! Source:

Please, consult with your doctor if you have a specific skin concern or issue.

your dermatologist first if you have any specific skin issue.

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