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Tutti Frutti Farms - The Cadwells

We basically source almost all our vegetables from their organic family farm!

We personally know the new generation of the Cadwells, since we moved to Santa Barbara 5 years ago.

Clara, Olive and Orin Cadwell are all involved in the farm at different levels - following the path of their father.

Tutti Frutti Farms is a family-run business located in Central California. A 5th generation farmer, Chris Cadwell and his family began farming on 14 acres of hillside property in Carpinteria, starting with a variety of fruit trees. After naming the farm “Tutti Frutti” – Italian for ‘all fruits’ – they soon branched out into growing produce for the coastal communities of Southern California. From the start, Tutti Frutti Farms utilized organic growing practices and continue to follow those guidelines today. In fact, all Tutti Frutti produce is CCOF certified.

In 1990, the whole family – 5 children, 3 goats & 1 horse – moved the farm to Santa Rosa Road, a more remote piece of land between Buellton and Lompoc. Over the years, Tutti Frutti farming operations have grown to approximately 300 acres. The farm grows a variety of certified organic vegetables, from heirloom tomatoes and peppers to cool weather crops like artichokes, peas and greens.

Located on the Santa Ynez River, far from polluting highways, the farm is surrounded by wilderness, guaranteeing a wealth of natural predatory insects. Fifteen miles inland from the Pacific coast, a coastal breeze minimizes mildew while evening fog slows the ripening process, a truly natural flavor enhancer! Through religious planting of cover crops like vetch and clover, Tutti Frutti is able to keep the soil healthy and mineral rich. The natural rhythms of the unique micro climate offer additional defense against pests and plant disease.


Deux Bakery - The Flemings

If you don't know Deux Bakery yet,  just do try anything they make! Their goodies recipes are so exceptionally authentic, you will feel like you are in France!

Maurice and Wendy Fleming are the owners and operators of Deux and have been making bread and pastries for over 40 years.  When their daughter opened her restaurant, Scarlett Begonia, the Flemings decided to make their products available to the public.

At Deux Bakery, they make everything from scratch: from biscuits to cakes, and pies to pretzels. They use traditional Swiss and French techniques to create an exceptional array of European and American breads, pastries and bakery favorites, and many of their recipes are old family favorites passed down for generations.

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Get Hooked - Community Supported Fishery


Get Hooked was founded by Kim Selkoe and Victoria Voss, two bad-ass women who know the value of making healthy food tasty, convenient and fun for their families. Their passion for local seafood and their shared ties to the Santa Barbara fishing community led them to this venture together.

Although Get Hooked is a for-profit company owned by Kim and Victoria, their work is centered on two mission-driven partnerships. One with Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara, and one with Real Good Fish CSF in Moss Landing.

A key motivation for them to create Get Hooked is to achieve increased support and visibility for CFSB, their 501 (c)3 non-profit port association. CFSB is working to ensure thriving and sustainable fisheries for our community. Get Hooked donates a portion of their profits to CFSB annually to support the many programs and initiatives ongoing at CFSB, such as creation of a Community Fisheries Trust and the management of the Saturday Fishermen’s Market. Further, Get Hooked members are given membership to CFSB through a donation made in their name, and CFSB’s fishermen are the suppliers for Get Hooked. Kim Selkoe is the current Executive Director of CFSB and Victoria’s father Chris Voss is the President, and they believe strongly in the critical role CFSB plays to support a progressive future for California fisheries.

Their sourcing is transparent, trustworthy and fair to our local fishermen. 


Body HI - soaps and bath bombs


Body Hi is a local company owned by Olive Cadwell who grew up on Tutti Frutti Farms, where she developed a passion for clean ingredients. After moving to the beautiful island of Maui, she launched her project in 2014 and created a range of handcrafted, all natural and organic cold process body products made with local ingredients.

A few years later, she moved back to the family farm in California and is now happily handcrafting Body HI products and farming all year round.

By applying holistic knowledge to her products, Olive never uses artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives, opting to utilize therapeutic essential oils, plant powders and clays instead. Body HI is a vegetarian business, meaning absolutely no harsh animal fats are ever used. Using the old fashioned cold process method to create her products, she retains more of the delicate nutrients in the ingredients to benefit your skin by not damaging them with high levels of heat. She aims to make Body HI products skin-friendly as well as environmentally-friendly by using planet safe ingredients, as well as reused/recycled packaging and shipping materials.

Body HI products contain mostly organic and local ingredients; the products range from 78%-100% organic, and the organic olive and avocado oils she uses are from Figueroa Farms in CA.  Olive handpicks and incorporates as many organic herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables from the farm as she can.


Elementally Good - body care natural products

Following a diagnosis of allergic eczema, Adrienne found she could no longer use products with synthetic dyes and perfumes. At the time, she was faced with extremely limited options. Store bought sensitive skin products, while not causing any further skin damage, did little to moisturize and heal.

Knowing there had to be better options, she came across a whole world of skin loving natural ingredients. Utilizing her knowledge of biology and chemistry (she has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biopsychology and spent years working in Biological research), she created sensitive skin friendly products which worked better than their synthetic counterparts. Years later, when her children were diagnosed with food allergies, she made new blends to heal their diaper rash ravaged bottoms and protect their sensitive baby skin.

After extensive research and experimentation, her product range blossomed and grew. Overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who tried her concoctions let her know she was on to something good. Hence, Elementally Good was born.

Combining the simplicity and purity of nature with the latest scientific research, we create natural based cosmetics which produce amazing results without any of the worry. You can rest assured that our products are good for you, both outside and in.    

Caitlin Ranch - Carpinteria - The Caitlins

A lot of your fruits are sourced here!

Caitlin Ranch was originally established in1898 and is located on the Casitas Pass Rd. in Carpenteria. This is a thirty acre certified organic farm, twenty of which are planted in avocado orchard, five in raspberries, one in Kahili Ginger and the rest home to strawberries, blackberries, persimmons, citrus and pineapple guavas. The ranch boasts four different varieties of avocados: Hass, Fuerte, Shepherd, Lamb Hass, Karen and Harms, The property was originally fifty acres owned by the Caitlin family, one of the originating families of Carpinteria.

Isla Vista Coop (for all your dry food items)

We love the Isla Vista Coop project for all those reasons:

The Coop's mission as a natural and organic foods consumer cooperative, is to provide the residents of Isla Vista and neighboring communities of Santa Barbara County with reasonably priced foods, products and services that promote a healthier lifestyle and environment. The Isla Vista Food Cooperative is an economic alternative founded on cooperative business principles and values that are practiced in their operating as well as through their governance policies.

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Goleta Coffee Co and LocaVivant

Ebby's Organic Farm

Since 1980, Ebby’s Organic Farm has been a successful family-run business.

Mike and Lorena Iniguez are operating this truly organic farm situated in Goleta.

Organic from the beginning, they were pioneers in pushing the organic movement in Santa Barbara. Ebby’s focus is to keep things local, by networking with restaurants, grocers, and organizations committed to sustainable agriculture.

For Ebby’s Farm, it’s about the personal connections they have made over the last 30-plus years. With their commitment to organics, their produce is always at the peak of freshness, choosing quality over quantity.




Earthtrine Farm

(more information soon!)

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