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Why we use insulated bags instead of waxes boxes?

Produce boxes are always waxed to avoid the cardboard to absorb moisture. Waxed boxes are not biodegradable and so, not compostable. They are usually used only a few times due to food contamination (wax boxes are not easy to clean).  So we decided to use reusable bags!

The sturdy insulated bags we chose are manufactured using a fabric made with 80% of post-consumer recycled material which saves plastic material from ending up in oceans, lakes, and landfills. The insulation keeps your produce fresher and we reuse the bags over and over again. As long as you stay a member, your deliveries will be made with your personal pair of insulated bags with your name tagged on them.

Please, to keep our bag choice sustainable, don’t forget to leave your emptied ones on your doorstep before your next delivery!


Why we use paper bags instead of cotton produce bags for the dry food?

Food contamination rules, water waste and time management are important issues here. This is why we opted for compostable paper bags.

Avoiding the water waste of cleaning reusable (cotton) bags allows us to keep lower prices as well.

If you don’t have any compost at home, we encourage you to return your used paper bags in your empty collapsed bag. We will compost them at one of our favorite local non-profit place, the Terrace Foundation!


Why we use paper egg carton?

Plastic egg box in our eco-friendly CSA is not an option. Health policy makes it difficult for farms to reuse paper egg boxes. But the paper boxes are luckily compostable.If there is a sticker on the cover, please make sure to take it off before composting the paper box.

If you don't have a compost at home, you can return your discarded bags to us and The Terrace Foundation will compost them for us! But before discarding your cartons, why not making some upcycled project out of them?! Click here to find some very creative ideas you can realize with your kids!


Why do we prefer grouped points of delivery?

Choosing for a grouped point of delivery means that we drive shorter distances and thereby, lower our carbon footprint. We also save time by stopping less often and therefore, we are able to give back $2 /'classic' bag to the cause of a business point of delivery and $3/ 'classic' bag to the cause of a school point of delivery.

For more information about sustainability practices and tips, have a look at our blog!