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Membership has it's benefits:

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All the produce of your share is certified organic or organically grown in local backyards.

Save time and gas: group delivery locations available or doorstep delivery in Santa Barbara.

100% of your fresh seasonal produce is locally sourced.

Get to know our local partners on the store page!

Save time & lower your carbon-footprint! We deliver to your doorstep or choose one of our convenient pick-up locations.

A super easy school fundraiser: for each produce bag of $25 (or more) sold and delivered on a school campus, $3 goes to your school PTA.

Support your family's healthy habits by enjoying peak of the season fresh produce that's  bursting with flavor and nutrients.   

Education updates on sustainability practices and our local food system on our blog.

Plan your meals ahead: you receive the list of your weekly produce each Saturday before the next Wednesday delivery, as well as a new recipe.

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy or fake!"

How does it work ?

Become an Organic Essential Member to begin receiving your regular delivery of local and organic produce & other goods!
Click on Sign up . You will be sent to our online store. Click on Member Login, and then on 'Sign up for one'  and you can follow the process on the  screen:

➡ Choose your point of delivery.

➡ Complete the sign up process and choose the size and amount of deliveries you wish, with a minimum of 4 deliveries.

➡ Your local and organic produce will be delivered to your chosen point of delivery in an insulated, reusable bag on Wednesdays,  1 pm - 6 pm.

➡ Each Friday/Saturday you will receive an e-mail with a sneak peek of the list of produce that you can expect in your next delivery. We also often include fun recipes to try! 

➡ Going on a trip? No problem, you can put your delivery on hold until you return.

➡  To avoid the use of waxed boxes that are not easily recyclable, we are using high quality insulated bags made of recycled materials that we will reuse weekly. To ensure the weekly return of the bags to us, we are asking for a fee of $25 at the beginning of your membership. If you decide to stop your membership after your first set of 4 deliveries, your bags need to be returned in good shape. We will then refund your membership fee. Please remember to bring your bag(s) back to your point of delivery before or at the next delivery time.

➡ For more details about your membership, please, make sure to read our policy
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